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CCC Your Approved Credit Counseling Agency

 Credit Counselors Corporation (CCC) is your trusted authority in the credit counseling and debt management industry.  Helping 1000′s of people save over $400,000,000 in credit card interest payments, CCC is an agency who knows what it takes to help you achieve your financial goals.  Americans of all walks of life are struggling with debt and it’s our mission at CCC to help alleviate that burden one family at a time.

Our Credit Counseling Services

No matter your current financial situation, Credit Counselors Corporation is available to provide assistance and counseling.  As an approved full service company we can help you with all your debts.  From credit cards, to medical to outstanding utilities, CCC has a debt management program to fit your needs.  Our agency credit counseling professionals will provide you with a free budget analysis and determine if you qualify for our debt management plan.

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Often times it can be overwhelming to identify your best path to becoming debt free.  CCC can make this process simple and painless by providing you with an exact path to debt elimination, without hurting your credit score.  Our free budget analysis will show you the money you will save, the interest you will save and the time you will save.

Credit Counselors Corporation is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau® taking pride in always  meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  We are a 9 time winner of the Consumer’s Choice award for business excellence, which is an award voted on by consumers.   Our founder was one of the leading pioneers in the consumer debt solution industry and has helped implement laws to protect the consumer.

“At CCC we measure success not by the growth of our business revenue, but rather the impact we’ve had on the lives of the 1000′s of people we have helped.” ~ Jerry McTaggart, Founder CCC

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Calculate Your Savings Now!

Calculate Your Savings Now!

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Calculate Savings Now!

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Your FREE Budget Analysis

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