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Trusted Consumer Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling is a service provided to consumers to help them determine a path to debt freedom that is appropriate for their individual situation.  The goal of any person in debt, is to eliminate the debt as fast as possible in the most economical way.  Often times, this motivation can leave you open for predatory type solutions, which leave you in a worse position.  Be aware of debt settlement and the consumer protection warnings being issued about debt settlement.

What happens during credit counseling?

A professional credit counselor will evaluate your current financial position and work with you to help determine the best solution for your needs.  During this initial session no “personal” information is needed, simply provide your debt balances and the name of the creditor and you’ll receive a free, no obligation assessment of how CCC can help you.

Typically this assessment includes an exact “pre-approved” adjustment to your interest rates, showing you the amount of savings you can achieve while on our debt management plan.  This is an IMPORTANT aspect of working with our counselors, we do NOT need to negotiate, we have pre-arranged agreements with YOUR creditors and can tell you the exact savings you can expect to see.

Consumer Credit Counseling Results

Each person has different results based upon their individual debt.  On average you can typically see:

  • A significant reduction in credit card interest rates (Pre-Approved Rates)
  • A substantial decrease in the time to pay off your debts
  • No more late fees, if applicable
  • No more over limit fees, if applicable
  • One payment – we consolidate your debts (not a loan)
  • Credit Counseling does not hurt your credit score

Credit Counselors Corporation Has Helped Thousands

Since 1994, Credit Counselors Corporation has been helping people just like you and our clients have saved over $400,000,000 in credit card interest payments.  Today the average American family carries over $15,000 in revolving consumer credit card debt.  It’s our goal to help families across the country eliminate this debt burden through proactive  and effective credit counseling.

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