Phishing Scams Lead to Identity Theft

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Phishing scams are the most popular form of tactic criminals use to commit identity theft and credit card fraud online. It usually comes in the form of a legitimate e-mail from a website that a user is a member of. A phishing scam aims to acquire sensitive information about yourself, such as your complete name, full addresses, user names and passwords for various websites that you are a member of.

It is quite easy for criminals to send you an e-mail posing as a legitimate online entity. It can be difficult to spot whether an e-mail is a form of a phishing attack or a legitimate e-mail and this is one of the reasons many people still fall victim to this sort of online scam. So what can you do to prevent your online accounts from being accessed by phishers? Simple, just remember not to click on any links in an e-mail unless you are absolutely sure that it is from a legitimate website.

E-mails that are meant to phish for your information so they can use it to gain access to your accounts online and usually ask for sensitive information like your password and user name. Social Networking sites, online stores, online banks and other websites will never ask you for your password. Most of the time, if you do forget a password, they send you a temporary password you can use to access your account, so remember, if a website asks you for your password, click on the spam button right away. Whenever you get an e-mail telling you to click on a link to be able to make changes to your account, like updates and verification, it is best to ignore the link in the e-mail and type in the URL if the website on the address bar yourself, log in from there and check your notifications if you do need to make updates or changes to your account.

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